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Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

We can help you choose colors to make your home or business painting job look beautiful. We prepare all the surfaces before painting, including washing, scraping and sanding as needed.

Exterior Painting

  Exterior painting surfaces are often pressure washed to remove dust, mold, mildew, or moss. Our painters will paint anything, and offer many painting services including ceiling painting, wall painting, deck painting trim painting, and molding painting. We also provide railing painting and light post painting, fence painting, and power wash driveways for the complete new home look.

Paint surface preparation

• Each room are to have drop cloths spread over floors and room furnishings, and covers surfaces, such as baseboards, door frames, and windows with masking tape and paper to protect surfaces during painting.

• All fixtures, such as pictures and electric switch covers, will be removed from walls prior to painting, using screwdriver.

• Clean up all drips, spills, over painting, 

Drywall patches

Before you paint a wall you have to prepare the surface, which  involves patching. It’s one of the most important steps. But sometimes it takes more than just a can of spackling and a small putty knife to get good result

Mural Painting

. We have more than 10 years of experience in painting and mural drawing

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